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Bioinformatics at the University of Florida

Our faculty have a diverse range of expertises and research interests, but are all working towards the same goals. From microbiologist to statisticians, from geneticists to computer scientist, we develop new methods and frameworks to help us both collect, analyze, integrate and disseminate biomedical data and knowledge. We develop new technologies and better ways to exploit them to advance scientific knowledge. With the aid of computers and advanced statistical and modelling methods, we devise new ways to handle the increasingly large amounts of data generated by biomedical research and to use it to connect the whole biological system, from genotype to phenotype.

The Bioinformatics research groups at the University of Florida conduct high-quality research in several areas. We invite you to browse the faculty pages or the research pages to learn more about our work.

Please note that all UF faculty who have an interest in bioinformatics can have a presence on this website. If you are interested in being added to this site, please send an email to bioinformatics-l at